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Vertical Challenge – A Harrier Encounter by Anthony J Broughton. Published by Book Guild Publishing of Brighton in 2007.

ISBN 978-1-84624-170-3 (Available from the author on Amazon)

Ex-soldier and mercenary Mike Randle and his sexy partner Suzie Drake tried to leave their soldiering days behind them, but events compel them to re-appraise their wishes and use their fighting skills once more. Mike and Suzie are called upon by Sir Joseph Sterling of the Foreign Office to investigate the activities of the notorious Mr Black, once a Metropolitan Police Inspector. Black is after a prize worth millions and is recruiting pilots to help him achieve it. Enter Paula, a trained RAF pilot and an old flame of Mike’s and Tanya, a sexy female with strong desires. To these add Ryall, an ambitious thief, and the chemistry between them all is electric. Daring raids, double crosses, life-threatening fights and sexual betrayals all combine in this high-action, adrenalin-fuelled thriller.

Back Cover:
The pilot pressed his thumb firmly on the red ‘Fire’ button on the stick, the T10 shuddered as a Sidewinder missile shot out from beneath one wing and streaked towards the helicopter.
‘Oh, shit!’ exclaimed Suzie, yanking the stick hard to one side, twisting the helicopter over and dropping into a steep dive.
The missile shot past the main rotor blades with only inches to spare and hurtled out to sea.
‘We’ve gotta get out of here,’ yelled Suzie. ‘They obviously want blood. Hold on to your hat.’

Review: West Sussex County Times website by Steve Payne.
Action-packed is a well worn phrase, but Pulborough author Anthony J Broughton has certainly created a tale with twists and turns, plus a Jump Jet. Vertical Challenge - A Harrier Encounter, features former soldier and mercenary Mike Randle and his partner Suzie Drake. They face a tough challenge to investigate a former Met Police Inspector, chillingly named Mr Black. Throw in some unpleasant thugs, betrayals and double crosses and you have a powerful package. Broughton’s local knowledge means he includes some familiar spots such as Dunsfold Airfield for his tale.
The writing style reminds me of James Bond novels in which the heroes and baddies are clearly defined, the sex scenes are fairly graphic and the punch-ups realistic.
Vertical Challenge is a great tale to take you away from the humdrum of life.

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