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Time To Act book cover

Time To Act – A Mercenary Tale by Anthony J Broughton. Published by Minerva Press of London in 2000.
ISBN 0-75410-343-4

Back Cover:
Ruthless but principled mercenaries Mike Randle and Suzie Drake, back from their last hazardous commando mission in Africa, realise it’s almost time to give up their lethal profession. The pressures of the job, and their own budding intimacy towards each other, lead them to reappraise their lives and careers.

But a job half finished is a job undone, and when the despot known only as The General kidnaps Suzie, transporting her back to his jungle hideout in a bid to regain his stash of foreign millions, the skills of both protagonists, as well as MI6, Special Branch and Interpol, are called upon to meet his threat.

Written in a dynamic, punchy style, with dashes of humour and suspense in equal measures, Time to Act follows in the best traditions of the action-thriller genre.

Customer Reviews

This is one of the best mercenary novels I ever read.It has loads of action.It has everything mercenaries,Diplomats,Arms Dealers.Its great I can't wait for #2. I hope #2 comes out soon.The two mercenaries Mike and Suzie should get married. A great Military Authour like Tom Clancy and Ian Slater. by David Fisherman

A Thrilling story of two mercenaries out to foil the plans of an evil millitant.

This book has it all.... Action, betrail, sexy ladies and a gripping plot. I read it in one sitting!! Written in the style of a Bond Film, this book is a must for any action lover. by LD Blakeley

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