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Sparkle of Death book cover

Sparkle of Death – A Tale of Revenge by Anthony J Broughton. Published by Raider Publishing International of USA in 2012.

ISBN 978-1-61667-419-9


Following the robbery of a diamond merchant’s shop in Amsterdam, the killers move to London where the boss has an old score to settle with Henry Miller, the owner of a Diamond Emporium in Hatton Garden.
The British police are also after Miller, and Suzie Drake is persuaded to befriend him in order to gather incriminating evidence for them. She has to agree to Miller’s sexual demands to gain his confidence, but finds herself in trouble when the killers take over his shop. They force him to purchase a large quantity of diamonds for them to steal, and it takes Suzie and her partner Mike Randle all their skills to avoid becoming the killer’s next victims.


Back Cover:
He sat on the floor with his back against the wall, felt for the telephone, lowered it down on to his lap and quietly lifted the receiver. He was about to press the buttons when a cold steel barrel touched his temple.
He froze.
‘Please, don’t kill me,’ he pleaded. ‘What do you want? Money? I can pay you well to spare me. I’ll double … no triple, whatever you’re being paid to do this.’
His voice was shaky and barely audible.

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