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Pleasure Cruise – by Anthony J Broughton. Published AuthorHouse UK in 2017

ISBN 978-1-5246-6606-4 Hardback
ISBN 978-1-5246-6605-7 Paperback
ISBN 978-1-5246-6604-0 ebook


When boatyard directors Mike Randle and Suzie Drake hire out their sixty-foot yacht, the engaged couple have no idea that their clients will not be returning it to them. Instead, the police deliver the news a few days later that the now smashed vessel has been found drifting in the English Channel with three bodies aboard. Worse yet, the yacht may have been hired to smuggle drugs.

As repair on the yacht begins, workers soon find hidden drugs stashed inside the vessel. After Mike and Suzie collect the drugs and prepare to hand the packages over to the police, armed drug dealers invade their home in search of the stash. A gun battle ensues, bringing conflict and death into the lives of the boatyard directors and the drug dealers.

About the Author:

I am the eldest of three boys and was born in Surrey where I lived and went to school. A keen photographer I was among those whose work was exhibited at Crawley Public Library. I began my career as a draughtsman at a builders engineers, moving on to become a design draughtsman working on Harrier Jump Jet Armaments, the Nimrod ‘spy in the sky’, and the A380 and A400M for Airbus, but I am now retired. I enjoy comedy and am an ardent Goon Show fan. As a one time archivist for The Goon Show Preservation Society, I met both Michael Bentine and Spike Milligan, and was delighted to be invited to Spike’s home as a dinner guest.

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