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Island of Vengence book cover

Island of Vengeance – A Story of Revenge by Anthony J Broughton. Published by Raider Publishing International of USA in 2010.
ISBN 978-1-61667-101-3

Jenny Jones is abducted by Zenon Horak, a hit-man, and transported to Paradise Island in the Mediterranean Sea. A ransom of £10m in diamonds is demanded for her return. Ex-mercenaries Mike Randle and Suzie Drake agree to make the exchange.
To surprise the abductors, Mike’s death is faked. Unconvinced, Horak tries to discover the truth and enters their home. Suzie confronts him wearing her kimono, which opens during their fight, stopping Horak momentarily as he stares at her naked body. He recovers and knocks out Suzie before making his escape. Mike begins a car chase after him around a cliff-top road. Catching Horak’s car, he rams it over the cliff edge, but does not see a bloodstained arm emerge from the mangled vehicle.

Horak’s body is not in the wreck, and when the police uncover his hideout, he escapes on a motorbike. He heads down an embankment and enters a railway tunnel. A train enters the far end, and a smashed motorbike and unrecognizable body are flung from the tunnel.
Mike and Suzie sail to Paradise Island intent on foiling the abductors and releasing their captive.

Back Cover:
She made a grab for the gun, and with her other hand she dug her fingers into his cheek and pulled his face out of shape with her thumb tearing at his mouth. They struggled for control of the weapon with Jenny straddling the front seat. The chauffeur muttered something incomprehensible, snatched his gun hand free and crashed it into the side of Jenny’s skull. Stunned, she lost her grip and the chauffeur propelled her back into the rear seat. Before regaining her senses, she too felt a thud in her chest when the weapon spat again, thrusting her back. A black cloud enveloped her like a rolling mist, all her systems shut down and she slipped sideways to rest on the shoulder of her father.

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