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Anthony J Broughton

I began writing in 1994 and my first novel was Time to Act. My second novel Vertical Challenge gained a review in the West Sussex County Times and the comment ‘The writing style reminds me of James Bond novels in which the heroes and baddies are clearly defined, the sex scenes are fairly graphic and the punch-ups realistic. Vertical Challenge is a great tale to take you away from the humdrum of life.’
Following four more novels, my seventh novel is Death Mark, written in the same dynamic punchy style with dashes of humour and suspense following the adventures of the same seductive Suzie Drake and the macho Mike Randle.

All my books are available from Amazon and other retailers. Death Mark is published in hardback and is also available as an ebook. Get a taste of Death Mark by reading the first chapter here. If you have a comment about my novel or website please email me.

I am the eldest of three boys and was born in Surrey where I lived and went to school. A keen photographer I was among those whose work was exhibited at Crawley Public Library. I began my career as a draughtsman at a builders engineers, moving on to become a design draughtsman working on Harrier Jump Jet Armaments, the Nimrod ‘spy in the sky’, and the A380 and A400M for Airbus, but I am now retired. I enjoy comedy and am an ardent Goon Show fan. As a one time archivist for The Goon Show Preservation Society, I met both Michael Bentine and Spike Milligan, and was delighted to be invited to Spike’s home as a dinner guest.

Time To Act was published in 2000, followed by Vertical Challenge in 2007, Island of Vengeance in 2010, Sparkle of Death in 2012 and The Exchange in 2014, Pleasure Cruise in 2017 and Death Mark in 2018. I am married, with two grown-up children, my wife Linda and I are retired and we live in a small village in the Sussex countryside.



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